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Advanced Feldenkrais Volume 1

Go way back into Feldenkrais history. A time when Feldenkrais was entering a phase of deep creativity and when his ability to help his students evoke change was increasing exponentially.


Advanced Feldenkrais (Alexander Yanai), V1

Instant download, smartphone/tablet links are included. Transcripts of the sessions are included at no additional cost.




Normally available to only those who have attended and completed a 4-year Feldenkrais training. I am now making my sessions based on these rare and highly-valuable transcripts.


These sessions have been life-changing for me and countless others. I hope they will be for you as well!


Volume One: 6 Sessions with 3 Awesome Bonus Sessions (see below). 


1. Alexander Yanai 1: Tilting The Head (39 minutes)


Originally called "Sitting and Bending The Head" this session has some amazingly unique movements of the head, neck, and spine. It is done while sitting in various positions on the floor.


This is the first session that Moshe recorded at his studio in Israel on Alexander Yanai street. Or at least the first one that he kept. There may have been tapes that he destroyed or recorded over. And to let you know, people actually did come to Moshe's studios and listen to the tapes. He would create a session, edit it and re-record parts and people would listen to the recording, kind of like what you will be doing...but online! And--- Moshe never corrected anyone. He would let them make whatever sense they could out of his instructions and leave it at that. Interesting, no?


2. Alexander Yanai 2: Seeing Your Heels (34 minutes).


Some of this session will seem familiar to those of you who have done my Feldenkrais Classics Volume 1 CD, especially the sessions called "Exploring the Extensors, Part 1 and Part 2". That is interesting, no? Feldenkrais must have thought the movement ideas contained in this session to be important. You will do much of this session on your stomach.


3. Alexander Yanai 3: Roll To Sit Using Your Elbows (57 minutes).


Remember, these are advanced Feldenkrais sessions, right? This session can seem impossible at first - BUT - if you go slow and only do what you can do (without strain or struggle) it can an amazing session.


4. Alexander Yanai 4: Sitting Cross-Legged (47 minutes).


If you have any asymmetry or difference in tension/movement between your right leg and left (especially around the pelvis) this can be a very useful session. It is one of my favorites! As always, go slow and stop if you feel any pain. Feel free to simply START doing this session and do as much (or as little) as you feel


5. Alexander Yanai 5: Equalizing The Nostrils (34 minutes).


I will admit, this is a WEIRD session. And it is rarely taught. But I really like it. Do you breathe out of both nostrils? Do you use both to speak? How clearly? This session will help you answer those questions and give you (potentially) a whole host of benefits. It can help your breathing, improve your speaking and clean out your nasal passages. Have some tissue nearby just in case! Note: You can do this session pretty much however you want - sitting, standing, lying down.


6. Alexander Yanai 6: A Pencil On The Head (47 minutes).


I had to do this session MANY times before I could figure out what Moshe was trying to teach. It involves imagining a pencil or other writing implement on your head and then doing some VERY non-habitual movements with your head and neck. Again: Advanced session. Go slow. Be gentle with yourself.


Some Super, Duper Bonus AY Sessions


I record on average 3-5 Feldenkrais sessions every month, so I have a huge library of materials. Here are some more for you.


7. Alexander Yanai 37: Caressing The Legs (46 minutes).


"Delicious" was how one of my students described this session. The starting position can be challenging. You will be on your back, with your legs bent and over your body (near your stomach) and you will catch your feet with your hands and do some fascinating movements. This is a relatively accessible...but also advanced session - so go slow, be gentle, and only do what you can do. One of my favorite sessions, it can lead to some amazing changes in your back and spine.


8. Alexander Yanai 61: Legs And Arms In Circles (45 minutes).


Here is yet another wonderful "Alexander Yanai" bonus session. And one that can be done by a wide variety of people. It involves being on the back and having the hands above the head and on the floor (or you could say on the floor above the head). If you can do that comfortably you can do this session.


9. Alexander Yanai 111 Painting the Floor With The Soles of Your Feet (47 minutes).


Painting circles with your feet? Sounds weird, I know. But it can give you better balance, better mobility, and a healthier spine! Highly recommended.....



These are advanced sessions but you can do them if you are easy with yourself. So go slowly and only do what you can do. Rest whenever you want. And never - never - do anything in these sessions (or any Feldenkrais session) that is painful.


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Advanced Feldenkrais Volume 2

Advanced Feldenkrais Volume 2

Created for the members of my private membership site from 2017-2020. These are the last 11 of my unpublished sessions based on Alexander Yanai. Rare, beautiful, complex, and life-changing.
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Feldenkrais New Synthesis, Volume 1

Feldenkrais New Synthesis, Volume 1

19 Ultra-Advanced Feldenkrais sessions with transcripts by Ryan Nagy. You have never done these sessions as they exist nowhere else but here!
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