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Easy Eyes Volume 3

Highly unique, very rare, and still gentle. Eight sessions to improve the functioning and integration of your eyes and body and to let go of stress in your body.


My Personal Guarantee To You

As you likely know already, I stand 100% behind what I sell. I want you to be delighted with these sessions. If you are not satisfied with the material, ask me and you will get your money back - no questions asked.

You will get all 8 sessions below with transcripts. Stream them on your smartphone or tablet and also download them to keep forever in your Feldenkrais library. 


1. Pearls and Eyes. Floor session. (A Classic)


This session is wonderful for relaxing and "de-stressing" your eyes while improving your eye function and ability to focus. A session that many Feldenkrais practitioners mention as being one of their "favorites." I had not done it myself until last year. I hope you enjoy it!


2. Pearls and Eyes. Chair Session


This second version of the classic session is done while sitting in a chair in front of a desk or table (because you will need somewhere to put your elbows). 


3. Thinking Around Your Eyes

This is a very gentle session that anyone can do. Done while lying down. Moshe called it "Eyes and Lines," I have renamed it, "Thinking Around The Eyes." Enjoy!


4. Mouth and Head (Feeling Inside Your Eyes)


This is one of those long, "trancy" sessions that can have a large effect on your internal self-image. With a few exceptions, it is done in your imagination. And it is done while lying down. As much of this session happens in your "thinking" and your "moving imagination" everyone should be able to do it. It is very gentle (and effective). When you are done with this one you may have some very new sensations and learning regarding your head and eyes. Take your time...all the time you need to really enjoy and benefit from this session...


5. Eye “Exercises” From The Famed Esalen Workshop


Ok, here we have a highly-unique session based on one from the famed Esalen workshop taught by Moshe in the early 1970s. It was his first extended training in the U.S and he really went out of his way to teach sessions that he thought would showcase his work well. This one has some rather surprising and remarkable eye movements and go slow.. and rest whenever you want to. Remember to take off your glasses or contacts if you wear them. 


Bonus Sessions


6. Eyes, Jaw, and Back


This may seem familiar to you if you have done any of the "back pain" or "tmj" sessions that I have put out.   But there are some variations that are not in the Feldenkrais "corpus" and that can have a dramatic effect on your eye functioning as well as releasing tension in your back and jaw. I hope you enjoy it and get a great deal out of it....


7. A New Eye (growing a new eyeball (or two)


Based on AY 165, originally called, "A New Eye," this session has gotten amazing reviews. This is a session that you can do sitting in a chair or sitting on the floor cross-legged. You might think of this as a "mental" session as it involves a great deal of visualizing and imagining...but the movements and the changes are real. 


8. Easy Turning With The Eyes


Based on a session called "An Easy Start," Feldenkrais envisioned it being done by senior citizens in bed! As you might imagine he thought it was an important session that needed to be taught gently. Short, simple, and very useful. It can improve the functioning of your neck, spine, and eyes. Only 32-minutes.


Let me know if you have any questions?


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