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Feldenkrais New Synthesis, Volume 1

Audio downloads and course with short video tutorials: 19 Advanced Feldenkrais sessions with transcripts.


Dive deeper into your ability to create new movement patterns with these next generation Feldenkrais sessions. Not available anywhere else.  


1. Head and Pelvis Connections (41-min)


Skiers, runners, bikers, Olympic athletes: They all have efficient spinal movement through their head and pelvis. And you can improve those connections as well. It is based on a classic session that you can find in many different Feldenkrais trainings and workshops - BUT this version ends up somewhere new and fascinating.


Think of this session as being about folding your spine and experiencing the many movement connections between your head and pelvis...


2. On The Side, Looking at Your Shoulder (34 min)


Think of the amazing way babies can roll and use their heads and spines. You can regain some of that here. This is relatively short. And though it is gentle, it can be a bit "twisty" in the neck. So if you have pain or strain in your neck area either skip this one or go v-e-r-y slowly and gently.


3. & 4. Seesaw Breathing NEW Patterns: Part 1 (31 min) and Part 2 (35 min)


Breathe easier and more expansively. Like a baby. And take some time to reconnect and find some new integration between your breathing, spine, and ribs. These are different than previous "seesaw" breathing sessions that you may have done with me as they involve new positions. These are gentle but complex sessions done on the back, side, and stomach. Deeply expand your chest and ribs.


5. Head and Pelvis SeeSaw On Side (47 min)


Use gravity - flow through it: Seesaw, spiral, radiate. This is a session done on the right side and on the left side (though not at the same time. It involves reaching to the ceiling and some fascinating movements of your head and neck (though perhaps a bit awkward).


6. Alien Spinal Twist (44 min)


Hot off the press! This is my favorite session of all time. Find new space for movement and action in your spine. Get rid of pain. You can encounter movements in your spine in this session that are so unique that they may seem to have come from some alien circus. No need to do the entire session to benefit from it. Done while lying down and sitting on the floor.


7. Build A Better Back: Pelvic Clock in 3 Positions (51 min)


Get rid of back strain and move with more power and grace. This is a session that involves moving your pelvis in a circle (called "pelvic clock") but in 3 different positions. This session can do wonderful things to your back and spine. 


Again: You may have done pelvic clock sessions with me in the past, but this is a new synthesis of the idea involving multiple positions and pathways. 


8. Minimal Lifting (28 min)


Go slow. This is a relatively short but "hardcore" session. It is both gentle and demanding. It starts on the back and also involves some short sequences on the stomach and side.


The idea of this session is to have an *experience* of the even distribution of effort throughout your body and movement and how movement can radiate out from the center of your body.


9. Abdominal Circles/Abdominal Clock (43 min)


Reorganize your entire spine by changing how you use your core muscles. When I first started playing with the ideas in this session (the movements), some of them seemed "wrong" or "weird" like I was somehow not getting them. Even so, it helped created some very cool movements in my ribs and spine. Done while lying down. A rather advanced and perhaps awkward session that is well worth the trip!

10. Covering Your Eyes (36 min)


This session was so relaxing when I first did it, that I felt like I had taken a tranquilizer - a sign that I had accumulated a great deal of tension in the areas of the nervous system related to eye movement and visual processing. I hope you enjoy the session!


11. Feeling your spine: inside and out (38 min)


A very gentle session. Many Feldenkrais practitioner trainings (And Anat Baniel trainings etc) use this session as a beginning for learning how to touch and sense the organization of others, by touching and sensing one's own organization. . .


12. Fixing Head, Rolling Pelvis (29 min)


Sending this session gives me a bit of anxiety. It is deceptively simple but very advanced. It involves being on your stomach, holding your head still with your hands, and then moving your pelvis.


13. Your Power Center In Sitting (43 min)


This could be considered a session about "the core" or better said, moving from your pelvis. Done while sitting on the floor.


14. Rolling Onto Your Elbows (57 min)


We are continuing the "New Synthesis" theme but with a session that I recorded back in 2017. It is based on Alexander Yanai 3, "Rolling To Sit Using The Elbows." This is an advanced Feldenkrais session, so be gentle and be willing to not only do less than you know that you can do but to take your time and be willing to experiment (I am choosing my words very carefully here).


15. Pushing Your Belly Out in Lying, Kneeling, and Standing (31 min)


Ready for a short, gentle, and powerful session? I call this one, pushing the belly out in lying, on knees, and in standing. It is great for balance and walking easier. This is my favorite session of the year... I hope you get a lot out of it!


16. Shoulder and back relations (42 min)


An exploration of the movements of your shoulder and how they related to movements in your lower back. If you occasionally get lower back pain or strain, you may benefit greatly from this one.


17. Gently fixing your head and twisting your spine [on back], (36 min)


A new twist from a previous theme: on your back, gently fixing your head and twisting your spine. This one can open you up in some fascinating ways...I hope you love it! (The first 15 minutes or so may seem familiar, but beyond that, we get into some highly unique and new-to-us variations).


18. On Left Side, Counterbalancing Pelvis and Leg (35 min)


You may find yourself with a new understanding of the movement of your pelvis and feel taller at the end (35-minute session).


19. On Stomach, Lifting Elbows (Wake Up Your Back) (38 min)


Ok! This is a session done while on your stomach. If you can, do at least the first few minutes of this one. I am not sure what to call it. Perhaps, "using your elbows to wake up your back," or "growing two new arms" (for the effect it can have on your perception of your arms. Whatever, we end up calling it, please enjoy!


Transcripts of the sessions are included at no additional cost. You can use them to review the sessions in your mind or prepare and teach your own Feldenkrais sessions and workshops.


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