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Feldenkrais Pelvic Floor Sessions (For Men and Women)

A complete series to evoke better control in your pelvic floor and sexual response. Six downloadable audio sessions with transcripts.


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Feldenkrais and Your Pelvic Floor


Having deeper relaxation and more control in and around your pelvic floor muscles can have amazing benefits for both men and women:


- better sex through increased sensation and better control (for both men and women) 


- get rid of anxiety and tension (often hidden) that can help you move and breathe easier


- control or completely get rid of incontinence and have better bladder control (for women and men!)  


- useful for men recovering from prostate surgery   


You have heard of "kegel exercises"? These feldenkrais-based sessions are different.   


First off, they are gentler and easier to do. And second, rather than simply isolating and strengthening the pelvic floor muscles, these feldenkrais sessions also help to relax your pelvic floor muscles and integrate them into everyday healthy movement. This means you can relax compulsive tension in your pelvic floor area so that better control and functioning can occur naturally.


Here's what you will get: 


1. Activating Your Pelvic Floor (done lying on a mat or towel) 


2. Engaging Your Abdomen And Pelvic Floor (done lying on a mat or towel)  


3. Pelvic Floor: Front and Back (done lying on a mat or towel)


4. Pelvic Floor, Pelvic Clock (done lying on a mat or towel) 


5. Pelvic Floor: Front and Back (done sitting in a chair)  


6. Pelvic Floor: Left and Right (done sitting in a chair) 



These are relatively short Feldenkrais sessions. Each is 35 minutes or less. Audio. Transcripts included. Stream online or download and add to your personal Feldenkrais library to keep forever.

Disclaimer: Check with your health provider before doing these sessions. I am not a doctor and can certainly not give medical advice. These are educational sessions and are relatively gentle sessions but do not do them if they increase or create pain or discomfort.




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Eliminate Back Pain Now

Eliminate Back Pain Now

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Better Breathing Better Life

6 short and *powerful* Feldenkrais breathing sessions designed to help you eliminate unconscious and limiting breathing habits so that you can relax, feel better and move out of distraction and pain.
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Easy Eyes, Volume 1

Easy Eyes, Volume 1

Do your eyes need a vacation from your smartphone and computer?! Use these 3 simple, powerful feldenkrais sessions while sitting in a chair.
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Feldenkrais TMJ Pain Relief Volume 1

Feldenkrais TMJ Pain Relief Volume 1

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