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Walk With Ease, Power, And Grace, Volume 1

A short, fun series based on rare and classic sessions from Feldenkrais's Alexander Yanai series, "The Basis of Hopping." Stay active, balanced, and independent.


On your feet!


Standing and walking sessions are great because you can do them with virtually NO preparation. You just take off your shoes and begin...


And they can be pervasively useful sessions that you can feel (in a good way) for days.


They can not only make you feel taller and more erect in general as your spine and muscles lengthen. But they also help you dramatically improve your balance and walk with more ease and confidence. You can bend easier. Turn easier. And yes, give you more energy.


We were designed to stand and walk and comfortably.


And with my Feldenkrais sessions (as you may know already) - You do not even have to download them. You can just click the email links that I send you and start doing Feldenkrais on a phone, tablet, or computer that you have handy.


They are based on a series of very rare but beginner-friendly sessions that Feldenkrais taught at his studio on Alexander Street in Israel in the 1960s.


Volume 1: Better Balance and Stability


You can start and do this short series just about anywhere. They are short, sweet, and to the point. After you do these sessions you will find your sense of balance and walking agility improving.


1. The Basis of Hopping 1:

This session - done while standing - with breaks in sitting, lying down, or standing (your choice) - will help you improve your balance and how your feet - and toes - touch the ground when you walk. Very enjoyable. 


2. The Basis of Hopping 2:

This has some more fun variations to help with balance and how gravity flows through your toes and feet and up your spine. There is a bit of movement done lying down, so have your mat ready. 


3. Hopping on One Foot:

This is a continuation of the first two sessions. This one can be challenging so go slow and rest often. I do this one in front of my kitchen counter in case I want to touch it for support. There are some "ballerina" type movements in this one that are fun...might remind you of being a kid.


Transcripts of all sessions are included at no additional cost. 


Purchase these sessions and you could be relaxing, doing Feldenkrais and improving your balance in just a few seconds from now!


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Walking, Volume 2

Continue the journey! Seven incredible sessions to help you stay mobile and flexible and gain leg strength. Improve your walking, running, and balance!
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Rare Feldenkrais Chair Sessions

Get rid of pain and strain and do SIX rare and complex Feldenkrais audio recordings that you can do while sitting in a chair. Transcripts included. 
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